CHQ Group is the pioneer of VAE software for schools worldwide. The CHQ VAE (Virtual Activity Environment) facilitates, manages, monitors and reports upon student's school lives outside of lessons in areas such as sport, drama, music, activities, trips & events. Covering areas such as on-line payments and sign up to activities, place allocation and conflict resolution, send SMS / e-mail messages and see who is where in real time such as bus registers.

Our solutions

CHQ's pioneering Virtual Activities Environment (VAE) provides a holistic view of everything that happens within a school, integrating with and bridging the gap between your MIS and your VLE.

We're working with many different schools across the world, who are already enjoying the considerable benefits of using CHQ's VAE software. So whether you're a Headmaster, Bursar, Housemaster, Head Coach or Extra-Curricular Administrator, we're confident that the CHQ on-line virtual activities environment will save you time and make life simpler and more efficient.

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  • Why not start by Meeting Mike, a short video that will explain how the solution will directly benefit you i.e. taking attendance, setting up an activity etc.
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Stop Press

  • CHQ now offers all clients a registration tool, that allows you to take attendance for all classes and activities on your mobile, tablet or laptop at no extra cost.